4Packs Resistance Loop Band Heavy Duty Pull up Assistance Band Stretch Mobility for Gym Exercise Fitness Workout Yoga Power Lifting Home


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*Suitable For Any Work Out*:You can do everything with this band that you can do with a weight. This resistance band adds tension to make it more difficult to do movements and engages more muscles; which improves neuromuscular performance and strength more than weight training alone. 4 different bands are perfect for learning pull ups; Pilates; Mobility; Powerlifting; Chin ups; Yoga; Stretching; Gymnastics; physical therapy; push-ups; barbell and dumbbell assist; and etc..
*4 Various Strength Levels*:A variety of bands allow you to do more trainings. Yellow(3-15lbs):Suitable for rehabilitation. Red(8-44lbs):suitable for speed barbell training; shoulder mobility; and rehabilitation. Black(25-65lbs):suitable for medium tension for resistance training and pull up assist. Purple(35-85lbs):ideal for pull up assist; stretching; power lifting; and advanced banded barbell training.
*Natural & Durable*:Made of natural latex; it’s highly resilient and does not stretch or rip easily. Besides; it will not scratch your hands; safe and comfortable. Ideal for gym and home fitness.
*Compact And Portable*:Small; lightweight and flexible; they can be tucked away anywhere. It allows you to workout in a hotel room or outdoors without heavy equipment; effective and convenient.
*Tips For Pull-Up Assistance*:A stronger; heavier band will have a lot of pushback and will help pull your body back up to the bar. When you are starting out and unable to do a pull up on your own; you can start with a heavy resistance to guide your body easily upwards. With more practice and increased body strength; you can choose a lighter resistance band.


Brand: iMounTEK
Product Type: Pull Up Assistance Band
Color: Red+Black+Purple+Yellow
Material: Latex
Item Size:
2000x31x4.5mm/78.7×1.2×0.18in (Purple); 2000x21x4.5mm/78.7×0.8×0.18in (Black); 2000x13x4.5mm/78.7×0.5×0.18in (Red); 2000x6x4.5mm/78.7×0.24×0.18in (Yellow)
4Pcs Package Size: 11.02×7.87×1.57in(Mixedcolor)
Item Weight:
265g/0.6lbs (Purple)
171g/0.38lbs (Black)
104g/0.23lbs (Red)
54g/0.12lbs (Yellow)
4Pcs Package Weight: 607g/1.34lbs(Mixedcolor)

*Package Lists*:

4 x Resistance Bands

Weight 1.34 lbs







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