Multifunctional Platform Gravity Stepper Exercise Fitness Equipment


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Product Dimensions: 27.56×15.75×13.78 inch
1.Help to shape your body and show the curve, make you more beautiful. Twist action helps you tone thighs and buttocks, while achieving a challenging cardiovascular workout.
2.A multi-purpose machine can be scientifically cross-worked to avoid knee injuries. Silent non-slip soft rubber strip, no noise in fitness, reducing noise impact.
3.STEPPING MODE: The person’s center of gravity is downward, lean forward slightly, shake left and right along the curved panel, swing the arms naturally, exercise balance and leg strength.
4.TWISTING MODE, THIN WAIST EXERCISE: Follow the twisting disc to gently twist the lower body, drive the waist and abdominal muscles to shake off the annoying fat, and give you an A4 waist.
5.ABDOMEN EXERCISE: Turn on the 4 hidden front wheels to transform. It can be used for bending feet and abdomen exercises, exercise lower abdomen, reduce belly.



Height (cm) 35
Contents of the package 1 gravity ABS platform
Width (cm) 70
Depth (cm) 40



COMPACT AND CONVENIENT: It takes up very little space and you can place it anywhere in the house and move at any time.

The stepper is truly the perfect fitness equipment that can shape your arms, hips, waist, and legs and help shape the body.


NON-SLIP WIDE PEDALS: Our mini steppers use large, textured, non-slip foot pedals and a double-sided non-slip soft cushion design. to keep users safe.

Weight 1.11 lbs









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