Resistance Bands Set


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Product Dimensions: 4.34×8.08×5.32 inch


– Free Combination –   This Set of 5 Resistance Bands comes with different resistance levels;   including Black(30Lbs); Blue(25Lbs); Red(20Lbs); Green(15Lbs); and   Yellow(10Lbs); which can be used alone or stacked in any combination for   customizable intensity from 10 to 100 Lbs; ideal for building muscle in your   upper/lower body; toning your abs; glutes or legs; burning fat; physical   therapy; rehabilitation; boosting stamina; etc.    

– Lightweight & Stackable – Featuring a   lightweight design which enables foldable stacking; it can be easily stored   in the carrying bag; making it convenient to bring around to different places   for exercising anytime and anywhere; such as hotel; workplace; home or gym    

– Safe & Comfortable Grips – Equipped   with 2 non-slip grips which can absorb sweat and protect your hands from   injury while exercising; while the foam lining provides a comfortable   gripping experience; allowing you to exercise for prolonged periods    

– Complete Accessories – Comes with a door   anchor and 2 ankle straps with sturdy metal buckle for easily connecting your   band to the window; doorway; treadmill; and other products or anchor points   for convenience and increasing tension as you like    

– Durable & Multi-Functional – The   combination of highly elastic; skin-friendly latex material; reinforced links   and a sturdy metal carabiner prevents deformation and breakage under high   tensile force; suitable for a wide range of users such as fitness   enthusiasts; athletes; people who need physical therapy or exercise and   ladies to keep a good body shape    


– Dimension   of Each Band (Dia.x L):    

– Yellow: 5/16″ x 43   5/16″ (0.8 x 110 cm)    

– Green & Red: 6/16″ x   43 5/16″ (0.9 x 110 cm)    

– Blue: 6/16″ x 43   5/16″ (1 x 110 cm)    

– Black: 7/16″ x 43   5/16″ (1.1 x 110 cm)    

– Total Net Weight: 0.88 Lbs   (0.4 kg)    

Package Content:

– 5x Resistance Bands    

– 2x Handles    

– 2x Ankle Straps    

– 1x Door Anchor    

– 1x Carry Bag    

Notes: Attention: Ebay MAP:$8.4; Other platform MAP: $22.9.

Weight 1.11 lbs







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